It was an old traditional watch Enterprise that was selected for the manufacture of the SECULUS watches. Situated at the Swiss Jura (West of Switzerland), already at the beginning of the 19th Century this Enterprise was well-known for its long experience in the watch industry.


And in 1960 SECULUS watches were incorporated in the production of this old traditional Swiss watch Enterprise.

At the beginning, SECULUS watches were produced for the Brazilian market, where they were very successfully introduced and soon became one of the most appreciated brands in the market.
Based on this success, SECULUS products started to be expanded from Biel to other markets –> South America and Europe at the beginning.

Since 1992 SECULUS Swiss-made watches were also very successfully introduced in Eastern Europe and Russia, as well as in the Middle East.

Actually, SECULUS Swiss-made watches are also being expanded to China and other countries of the Far East.



SECULUS watches are today being manufactured in a new and modern factory at the Jura mountains in Switzerland, keeping the long-lasting experience of Swiss-watchmaker’s tradition, together with most recent technologies which assure its excellent quality.

SECULUS has, and is evolving significantly, adopting existing trends in remarkable creations, enhancing the brand’s reputation, which is today being considered among the prestigious ones in Swiss watchmaking.

And, satisfying most demanding enthusiasts for technology, reliability and sporty aesthetic innovation, at the beginning of 2012, SECULUS enriched its collection with an exclusive stainless-steel-waterresistant-to-200-meters line: the «Royal Marine» – released in Limited Edition series: one sized 48 mms and the other at 42 mms. A lady size version will soon complete the «Royal Marine» automatic collection.


High Swiss Quality watches

SECULUS watches are being assembled by especially trained staff, supervised by experienced and professional watchmakers, guaranteeing its high traditional Swiss quality.

Each watch piece is subject to a very severe quality control made by expert watchmakers and modern machines.

All SECULUS watches are equipped with high-class Swiss movements: Ronda quartz and ETA automatic.

SECULUS offers an International Guaranty valid for two years, starting from the date of purchase, covering eventual manufacturing defects. For this purpose, SECULUS puts at the disposition of all customers a worldwide network of centres for after-sales service.

The SECULUS team dispose of a first-hand knowledge concerning Swiss design and production in order to be able to relay the SECULUS message to the customers which at the same time are also being trained for this purpose.

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SECULUS, whose strength is its great flexibility to satisfy the needs of each market, as well as its undeniable flair for design, is now successfully present in over 30 countries worldwide, where very strong and trusting relationships with long-term perspectives are being shared. SECULUS keeps growing, conquering further leading markets, offering a most attractive and exciting collection in sports and distinctive elegance.

SECULUS, the successful choice, where Swiss precision is being blended with the beauty and elegance of a delightful and fascinating design.